Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Third and fourth graders of Stella Maris College visited the Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid. The objective of the museum is to acquire, conserve and display the aircraft, equipment and associated paraphernalia that constitute the historical heritage of the Spanish Air Force.

It has an exterior exhibition and seven hangars. They house aircraft, uniforms, medals and decorations, vehicles, mock-ups, and other aviation-related displays.

Following the end of the Spanish Civil War and the creation of the Air Force, the idea was to create a museum that would reflect the evolution and history of our aeronautics.

Since 1975, the museum has been based at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid. Thereafter, it has been extended many times and has become a European reference for aeronautics.

Some of our students had the chance to meet a retired pilot called D. Luis, who gave us a tour around the museum telling us lots of stories, facts and information about aircrafts. Students asked D. Luis lots of questions and he answered them all patiently. Students and teachers really enjoyed the school trip and learnt a lot of new things about aircrafts.